The 3nd China (Shanghai) Internationa Metrology Measurement Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2021

时间: 2021年05月18-20日
May 18-20,2021
地址: 上海世博展览馆 · 浦东
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

主办单位 | Hosted by

Shanghai Metrology Association

承办单位 | Organized by

Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.


计量发展水平是国家核心竞争力的重要标志之一。改革开放以来,基础性、前沿性和共性计量科研成果大量涌 现,具有中国特色的计量发展与管理制度逐步形成。在新一代中央领导集体提出了实施《中国制造2025》,力争通 过“三步走”实现制造强国的战略目标。为确保完成目标任务,上海计量博览会的组织单位希望通过展览和论坛相结 合的形式,进一步扩大计量对实现制造强国的战略目标、国家科技、经济发展的影响力和引领作用,推进国内外计量 测试技术交流,促进供需双方的信息沟通与交流,繁荣计量测试技术和产品市场。博览会将依托强大的中国消费市场 需求,通过产品展示、技术交流和贸易洽谈等形式紧密结合在中国上海打造国际计量测试行业盛会。[中国计量展]
Measurement development level is one of the important signs of national core competitiveness. Since the reform and opening up, a large number of basic, cutting-edge and common measurement research results have emerged, and the measurement development and management system with Chinese characteristics has gradually formed. In the new generation of central collective leadership proposed the implementation of “made in China 2025”, striving to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power through “three steps”. In order to ensure the completion of the objectives and tasks, the organizer of Shanghai metrology Expo hopes to further expand the influence and leading role of measurement on the realization of the strategic goal of manufacturing power, National Science and technology and economic development, promote the exchange of measurement and testing technology at home and abroad, promote the information communication and exchange between supply and demand sides, and prosper the measurement and testing technology and production market. Relying on the strong demand of China’s consumer market, the Expo will build an international metrology and testing industry event in Shanghai and China through product exhibition, technical exchange and trade negotiation.


在中国计量协会、中国计量测试学会、北京计量协会及上海市计量测试技术研究院共同支持,由上海市计量协会主办,上海高登商业展览有限公司承办2020第二届中国(上海)国际计量测试技术与设备博览会以“产业革命与 计量创新”为主题在2020年09月28日-30日在上海新国际博览中心成功召开。博览会期间适逢市场监管总局在上海 召开全国工业产业计量工作座谈会,上海市市场监管局组织召开产业计量(上海)论坛和华东六省一市计量工作会议, 同时,国际计量测试技术论坛、华东华南计量协学会联席会议、国家商用飞机产业计量测试论坛、智能物联网表具技 术与应用研讨会、智慧钢铁成功案例经验交流会-计量及冶金行业空分装备技术及设备安全技术研讨会等相关活动与 论坛相继在展会期间举行。

Supported by China Metrology Association, China Society for Metrology and Testing, Beijing Metrology Association and Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology, hosted by Shanghai Metrology Association and Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd., the 2nd China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo with the theme of “Industrial Revolution and Measurement Innovation” was successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on September 28-30, 2020. During the Expo, the State Administration of Market Supervision held a national forum on industrial measurement in Shanghai. The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision organized the Industrial Measurement (Shanghai) Forum and the Measurement Work Conference of Six Provinces and One City in East China. At the same time, the International Measurement and Testing Technology Forum, the East and South China Metrology Association Joint Meeting, the National Commercial Aircraft Industry Measurement and Testing Forum, and the Intelligent Internet of Things were held. The related activities and forums, such as the Seminar on Meter Technology and Application, the Experience Exchange Meeting on Successful Cases of Smart Iron and Steel – the Seminar on Air Separation Equipment Technology and Equipment Safety Technology in Metrology and Metallurgical Industry, were held successively during the exhibition.

Metering Base Standard Device

Advanced metrology testing technology and application

Industrial metrology (measurement) system and instrumentation

Large-scale precision analytical testing equipment and scientific testing equipment

Trade, energy, resources, environment, medical care, safety protection, administrative supervision and measurement instruments and application technologies


为更好帮助计量测试技术和设备企业开辟市场提供有效途径,促进供需双方的信息沟通,繁荣计量测试技术和 产品市场。在第22个世界计量日(5·20)来临之际,由上海市计量协会主办,上海高登商业展览有限公司承办的 “2021第三届中国(上海)国际计量测试技术与设备博览会”定于2021年05月18日-20日在上海世博展览馆·浦东继 续召开。届时,有来自世界各地的国家级、省级重点研究 院所、实验室以及大中企业实验室和研究所的管理和技术 人员,另外重点邀请国内外的能源公共事业单位、水司及水务集团、燃气集团、国家电网、石油、化工、钢铁、环境、 水利、医疗、工业测量等终端计量用户亲临现场观摩,5·20世界计量日之时齐聚上海共商中国计量发展大计。
To better help the measurement and testing technology and equipment enterprises to open up the market to provide an effective way to promote the information communication between the supply and demand sides, prosperity of the measurement and testing technology and product market. On the eve of the 22nd World Metrology Day (5.20), the 3rd China (Shanghai) International Metrology Test Technology and Equipment Expo 2021, sponsored by Shanghai Metrology Association and organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., LTD., will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from May 18 to 20, 2021. From all over the world at that time, the national and provincial key laboratories and research institutes, laboratories, and large and medium-sized enterprises of the institute of management and technical personnel, also invite the key energy utilities, water and water group, gas group, state grid, petroleum, chemical, steel, environment, water conservancy, medical, industrial measuring terminal metering user performance view, on 5.20 World Metrology Day gather in Shanghai to discuss China’s metrology development.


博览会将吸纳前两届成功举办经验,同期将举办:国际计量测试发展论坛、国际物联网表具发展前瞻论坛(水、 电、气专场)、国家商用飞机产业计量测试论坛、国际智能制造与计量创新论坛、全国工业产业计量工作座谈会及全 国计量院长高峰论坛和各计量领域的专题论坛等活动,本届展会希望通过多场论坛活动联动形式聚焦计量检测行业, 以展品覆盖面广进一步扩大计量检测空间,让行业内更多企业和买家通过展会与参展商的零距离接触,以增进供需双 方的友谊和合作。
The Expo will draw on the successful experience of the previous two sessions. Meanwhile, it will hold: International Metrology and Testing Development Forum, International Internet of Things Meter Development Prospect Forum (water, electricity and gas), National Commercial Aircraft Industry Measurement and Testing Forum, International Intelligent Manufacturing and Measurement Innovation Forum, National Industrial Metrology Work Forum, National Metrology Dean’s Summit Forum and Various Metrology Fields Forum and other activities. The exhibition hopes to focus on the measurement and testing industry through multiple forums and activities, further expand the measurement and testing space with wide exhibition coverage, and let more enterprises and buyers in the industry have zero distance contact with exhibitors through the exhibition, so as to enhance the friendship and cooperation between supply and demand sides.

邀请国家级、省级重点研究院所、各省市计量院、计量所、计量检 测机构、第三方检测机构、认证中心、实验室等的院士、学者和专家以及 管理和技术人员;还将邀请国内外的能源公共事业单位、水司及水务集团、 燃气集团、国家电网、石油、化工、钢铁、环境、水利、医疗、工业、农 业、采矿业、消费品制造业(包括纺织、服装、日用品等)、建筑业、能源 和燃料、水电生产和供应业、化学工业、电子电器行业、汽车业、食品行 业、咨询服务业、零售业、科学研究、技术服务业、公共设施管理、卫生 管理等行业的计量技术机构、科研院所、大专院校和企业代表。
Academicians, scholars, experts, management and technical personnel from national and provincial key research institutes, provincial and municipal metrological institutes, measurement institutes, measurement and testing institutions, third-party testing institutions, certification centers, laboratories, etc. will also be invited; domestic and foreign energy utilities, water companies and water groups, gas group, State Grid, petroleum, chemical, steel, environment, etc. will be invited Measurement technology for water conservancy, medical treatment, industry, agriculture, mining, consumer goods manufacturing (including textile, clothing, daily necessities, etc.), construction industry, energy and fuel, hydropower production and supply industry, chemical industry, electronic and electrical industry, automobile industry, food industry, consulting service industry, retail industry, scientific research, technical service industry, public facilities management, health management and other industries Representatives of institutions, scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises.


填写展位申请表、加章签字后邮寄或传真至大会组委会。在申请展位一周内将参展费用50%;或全款。电汇至 组委会。展位分配原则:“先申请、先付款、先安排”余款在展会开展前1个月付清,否则组委会将视其放弃参展。主 办单位收到《参展申请表》和展台费用后,将所付款项发票寄给参展商。参展商在报名参展后中途退出,参展所付款 项不退还。《展商手册》在参展商余款付清后组委会统一展前一个月寄给参展商,代表住宿、产品运输等事宜,将以 《展商手册》为准。

Please fill in the exhibition booth application form with stamp with authorized signature before mail or fax to the committee .Exhibitors need to pay the exhibition fees 50% or full to the committee by telegraphic transfer within 1 week. Exhibition booth allocation principle:”apply and pay off in advance then arranged in advance”. Whole exhibition fees should be paid off within 1month before the exhibition or will be regarded as giving up the exhibition. Organizer will mail invoices to exhibitors after receive application forms and exhibition booth fees. In case exhibitors give up this exhibition after registration, all paid will not be refund. 《Exhibitor Manual》will be delivered to all exhibitors I month before the exhibition. Any events related to accommodation, goods transportation etc. please refer to the exhibitor manual

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